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In my work with organizations I represent STQM, a business management solutions provider since 1999 and since 2007 ISO-certified according to ISO 9000, with environmental diploma.

We work with leadership effectiveness, individual coaching and councelling, effective teambuilding, visions and core values, analysis of corporate culture, balanced steering, Process Mapping and Process Development, leadership systems, development of project models and project educations.As a consultant I see myself first and foremost as a fascilitator. I assume that the competence and the solutions of the company, the team or the group is to be found inside the group itself.

My part consists of bringing to the fore the already available resources. I do this by using tools that cause “a shift in perspective”, seeing things from a new angle.

Insights Discovery

Learn about teambuilding, communication and self-understanding in a colourful way!

  • Find out your personal profile.
  • Find out how people with different profiles communicate and interact.
  • Find out how to use different styles to become more effective in communicating with other personality types.
  • Find out about how teams work better together.
  • Find out how to make a creative and inspiring environment possible.
  • Learn how to use the colour system to focus your objectives and set your goals.
  • Learn more about your collegues and have fun!

Insights Discovery is perfect for Kick-offs, ice-breaking or summarizing workshops to assess your objectives. Get some basic insights into effective interactions in a “learning by doing” way.

I offer a whole or a half-day programme based on the Insight Discovery System.

Insights Discovery offers a wide range of unique and innovative learning solutions that act as a catalyst for realising transformation at individual, team and organisational level.

At the heart of our work is the Insights Discovery System, a model based on the pioneering personality profiling work of C.G. Jung. Insights offers personality profiles, competency diagnostics, e-learning programmes and facilitator-led learning. We provide expert advice on a range of people development issues including personal effectiveness, team dynamics, culture analysis and transformational leadership.

Using colour as a common language for self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth, the Discovery System represents the unique thread running through our entire portfolio.

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Companies | Schools

Mythodrama is a method of conflict management developed in Switzerland by Professor Allan Guggenbühl. He is Professor at the University of Zürich and one of the leading researchers on group psychology.The method has been used both in companies, teams, organizations and in schools.

The unique approach of Mythodrama is that we base our method on problem-solving and creativity-research i.e. that all problem-solving and creative work is based on the capacity to move between focused-logical-linear thinking and non-focused, associative-intuitive creative expressions.

We emphasize the importance of narration, story and myth,

that means that identity (may it be personal our the identity of a company or organisation) is always connected with a story or a myth (myth defined here not as “delusion” but in its correct sense of a story that communicates the why, wherefore and wither, or the background, incentive and guiding-star of an enterprise). In deeper conflicts we almost always find the problem on this level. The goal of each intervention is to implement a conrete change.

2006 a Swedish Association of Conflict Management and Mythodrama was founded (FKM). It’s purpode is to be a network of competence concerning Conflict management in groups. FKM was founded by Allan Guggenbühl, Suzanne Gieser and Leif Lundgren. The Association is tied to IKM (The Institute of Conflict Management and Mythodrama in Switzerland) founded by Allan Guggenbühl in 1985. For more information see Institut für Konfliktmanagement und Mythodrama (IKM)

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The model can be summarized by four words: Observation — Diagnosis — Intervention — Concrete Change. First one makes a preliminary analysis of the situation. In this phase we work with questionnaires, by using for instance, the Six boxes model. The objective is to come to a preliminary diagnosis. To answer the questionnaires are optional but shall be seen as an help to the consultants to prepare the joint work.

The second phase is to identify “the myth” or the “leading idea” of the Company. This includes: observation of the workplace and it’s surroundings, communication with keypersons within the company and with the concerned individuals and groups. Feedback is given through mirroring and in reflecting back our picture of the Company. Thereupon follws a 1-2 days intervention with the group where a work is done with the different focal points, i.e. the challenges of team. In this one follows the above mentioned model of focusing on the problem — creative work — Concrete Change.

After 2-3 months there will be a follow–up of 1-2 days. It is optional to carry out the whole of the programme or parts of it, according to need.



Mythodrama is a method that works with the dynamics of the group. When asking individuals about violence most swear that they are against it. When they later participate in a group something completely different happens. Afterwards the violence is described as incomprehensible, something that “just happend”.

An efficient method of Conflict Management for schools must therefore always work with the forces that govern group processes. This means to define the destructive group processes that lead to bullying, harassments and exclusions and to find the potentials of the group that strenghten solidarity and redirects the energy of the group into more constructive paths.

The method of Mythodrama offers strategies and models for schools in areas like prevention of violence, school culture, advice and interventions in connection with urgent conflicts, interventions in problematic classes, seminars and projects on prevention of violence, supervision and presentations in large groups.

During the last 12 years the method has been applied in hundreds of schools in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Japan and Sweden. During the years 2001-02 a intercultural research project was carried out in Switzerland and Sweden lead by Guggenbühl, to evaluate the method. The results where published in the research report: “Implementation of Conflict Management Strategies and Evaluation of it’s Effect from a Comparative International Perspective” (May, 2003), Prof. Allan Guggenbühl, Petra Boström, Kathrin Hersberger and Tanja Rom.


Allan Guggenbühl (1996), “The incredible fascination of violence” (Spring, Woodstock. CT) Allan Guggenbühl (1997), “Men–myths–power”(Continuum, N.Y.).

Imago Communologue

The Imago Communologue is a method that has evolved out of Imago Relationship therapy to focus on groups. By using the special techniques of the Imago method a safe dialogue is established that allows everyoone to speak and to be heard.

The Communologue has been developed by among others Orli Wahrman in Israel and is practiced in a peaceproject to etablish a dialogue between Palestinian and Israeli couples. Her project has attracted attention by the UN and she has been asked to try the method on the groups in Rwanda.The Communologue is especially suitable to work with hidden conflicts in groups and with prolongued conflicts and with problems that are difficult to solve.More information under Relationsship therapy and at Imago Peace Project