Coaching and personal guidance

As coach and philosophical councellor I use different tools according to my client needs.

Insights Discovery

I use the Insights Discovery tool (more about this tool under Organizations) to provide a personal profile with your unique talents and resources, among others as a teammember, in leadership and in sales.

The profile is based on a test that can be done directly on the internet (but is also available in paper).

In philosophical councelling

The focus is on analyzing the situation and evaluate different solutions.


I use the Mythodrama tool to stimulate new perspectives and solutions in relation to your current life situation. (More about Mythodrama under Organizations). The key is to alternate between problem/solution focused work and creative expressions.


I use mindfulness to deepen the perception of your proper resources and understanding and to mobilize these. Current Brain research shows that mindfulness techniques (like traditional forms of meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga etc.) creates new neuropathways and show the same effects as a secure attachment (Siegel mentions seven proven effects and two more effects with strong support: Body Regulation, Attunement, Emotional Balance, Response Flexibility, Empathy, Self-Knowing Awareness, Fear Extinction. The two additional are Intuition and Morality.)

The basic aspect of these techniques is also applicable to Psychotherapy and Mental training. The fantastic discovery of the neuroplasticity of the Brain (lifelong capacity of development) is described in Daniel Siegel’s new book The Mindful Brain. More information about Daniel Siegel.

(More about Imago under the tag Relationship therapy)