Therapy and consultations

Work with relations

I recieve clients for individual psychotherapy and coaching. I work with couples who want to improve their relationship and with smaller units, like families or collegues who need to work on their relations and communication skills.

In organizations I work with conflict management, teambuilding and creativity. In Schools I use methods to work with bullying, schoolculture and group dynamics.

What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

In therapy you commit yourself to a regular and long term contact to promote a process that goes in greater depth into what lies behind certain patterns of feeling and reactions.

In coaching one or a few sessions might be sufficient for a very focused work concerning one issue, such as the choice of carrier, change in profession, the development of new areas of competence, goals, problematic relations at work etc. Afterwards one might want to do a follow up after a period of for example three month, and then again after a while. You can at a greater degree adjust your contact with your coach as it suits your needs.