My research

My research has until now focused on the history of modern physics and the history of dynamic psychology. I have especially studied the reception and distribution of these ideas through certain individuals and groups. I often work with unpublished sources like correspondence and personal archives.

I have especially focused on the life and thoughts of physicist and Nobel Laureate Wolfgang Pauli (1900-1958) and his involvement with the psychology of C.G. Jung.

Closely connected with my focus on individuals is my interest in creative milieus and epochs which promote the development of new ideas.

Previous research (See also publications)

“Philosophy and Modern Physics in Sweden: C.W. Oseen, Oskar Klein and the Intellectual Traditions of Uppsala and Lund, 1920-40”

Depth Psychology and Quantum Physics. Wolfgang Pauli’s Dialogue with C.G. Jung.

The History of Psychotherapy in Sweden. (Only in Swedish)

Ongoing research

Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process: Notes of the Seminars given by Jung in Bailey Island and New York, 1936-7