Individual psychotherapy

I am a licenced psychotherapist in relational psychotherapy, trained in Brief relational therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT).

Other methods that I am trained in and using are IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Life span integration.

I have my basis in the analytical psychology of C.G. Jung.

Already at an early stage he combined a psychodynamic approach with cognitive and pedagogical models.

Typical for Jung is that he both worked with man's conscious psychology and with the manifestations of the unconscious.

I also use mindfulness (being aware in the present moment) as an important ingredient of my approach.

I offer therapy/ consulations online. My languages are Swedish, English. I understand German and French, but do not speak fluently.

C.G. Jung

"Man cannot stand a meaningless life"

From "Face to Face" John Freeman's interview with Jung for the BBC in 1958